28 Items Your Kitchen Should Have for off Grid Cooking

Off Grid Kitchen Items

What you want and what you actually need are two different things, so when outfitting your camp or off-grid kitchen you have to prioritize. As we have stated in numerous articles in the past, instead of buying 12 tools for 12 tasks try to find one tool that can do 12 jobs.

Of course, not all tools can do 12 jobs, but you get the point, that each item should be as versatile as possible, because space is always a problem as is weight if you have to pack up and move.

You can use a metal pie pan, for example, to make biscuits, make pies, and one can be used to fry burgers or sausages in. The deeper pie pans can also be used to bake certain types of bread if you have an outdoor oven.

Mixing bowls can do double duty as serving bowls, and if you pick up stainless steel bowls, you can use them as cooking pots in a pinch. Put them on your grill grates to heat water for bathing, cooking and for water purification.

Metal cups can do double duty as well, so think about what other function an item can perform when gathering them up for your camp kitchen.

The Following List is Just a Start on the Basics

1.) Dutch ovens in varied sizes with legs along with a heavy hook for lid lifting and for suspending over a fire.

2.) A metal tripod for suspending pots over your fire and use the lid hook for hanging pots.

3.) A soup pot is almost as versatile as a Dutch oven when it comes to cooking over an open fire. Typically, they are used for slow cooking stews, soups, and casseroles, but they can be used to braise meats and slow cook tougher cuts of meats.

You can bake in a cast iron soup pot as well. A well-seasoned pot adds a distinct flavor to cornbread, biscuits, and bread. You will need a cauldron with a lid that would allow you to put hot coals on it.

4.) A solar oven that can also dehydrate/dry foods. Unless you have a reliable power source refrigeration is probably going to be a problem. You can use solar panels and generators to power up certain appliances, but what happens when your sources are not working or are working to provide power for tools and other appliances. 

You need a plan to preserve foods, in particular, fresh meats, when electricity is not available. Turning fresh venison, beef, fish, or any wild game animal into jerked meat is one of the better methods of preservation. Use a solar oven to dry fruits and many types of vegetables, as well.

5.) Hand mixer typically called an eggbeater, can also be used for mixing batter for pancakes, making batters for deep frying, making whipped cream or meringues or for any other mixing/whipping job in the kitchen. Using a fork for whipping and mixing only gets you so far. The ever so reliable eggbeater is a must for any outdoor kitchen.

6.) Mortar and Pestle and look for one that is heavy, big enough for any job, and made of stone. Use it to grind peppercorns or any spice fresh or dried along with wheat, and corn, for example. Once you have one in your off-grid kitchen you will wonder how you ever got along without one.

7.) Hand crank meat grinder than can be mounted on a table edge. Grind tough cuts of meat and turn them into sausages or patties. Make meatloaf or sausage out of virtually any fresh meat available using a hand crank meat grinder.

8.) Hand crank coffee grinder and if you don’t drink coffee use the grinder for herbs and spices and other grinding jobs.

9.) Metal coffee percolator. It will be placed right on the heat so it has to be metal, the ceramic ones may not hold up in camp.

10.) Manual Can Opener, which is self-explanatory.

Other Sundry Items

  • Dish Pans For Washing Dishes
  • Metal Spatulas
  • Heavy Metal Tongs
  • Potato Masher
  • Long Forks
  • Matches
  • Pot Holders, Oven Gloves/Mitts
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Metal Plates ( Metal plates can do double duty, as well, and they won’t break)
  • Eating Utensils
  • Flashlight That Can Be Clipped To Your Hat Visor Or Worn Around The Head For Night Cooking
  • Propane Camp Stove
  • Assorted Stainless Steel and/or Cast Iron Skillets
  • Metal Baking Pans
  • Various Varmint Proof Storage Containers
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